Lover's Talisman is now available!

Lover's Talisman by Ashleigh RaineBack in 2003, Lisa and I were thrilled when Lover’s Talisman first came out. We love this series–it’s what got us into this crazy world of writing. When we had the chance to revise the books–and to continue the Talisman Bay series with our new, fan-damn-tastic publisher, Samhain–we were ecstatic.

Any writer will tell you that with every book, you learn something new, discover something about yourself that you use in future books. We loved getting a second chance to work on this book, to spend time with these characters who we love and adore. We are so damn proud of this story now–and we hope the readers enjoy spending time in Talisman Bay as much as we do.

Fall in love with the Shadow Walkers–like we have–and check out Lover’s Talisman.

Welcome to Talisman Bay, where all hell breaks loose on a daily basis, especially when you fall in love.

Book one in the Talisman Bay series.

For twelve years Stephan Rashleigh has lived in the shadows, patrolling the city streets as leader of the Talisman Bay Shadow Walkers. The danger of his world leaves no room for a woman in his life. Until now. It should have been easy–rescue Mariah, then let her go. Except once she’s in his arms, he can’t walk away. Vibrant, breathing life into him, she makes him feel again.

Mariah DeSilva isn’t interested in falling in love, even with the gorgeous hero who rescued her from a brutal attack. When her best friend is kidnapped, she turns to the only man she can trust to help. The more time she spends with Stephan, the less she can hide her growing feelings for him. There’s so much more between them than an explosive romp between the sheets, against the wall and everywhere in between.

As they search for Mariah’s missing friend, a sinister evil is revealed, someone who’s been watching, waiting for Stephan to reveal his greatest vulnerability–falling in love. This enemy will stop at nothing to wipe out the Shadow Walkers and claim Mariah for his own.

Warning, this title contains the following: Bondage and knife play (don’t worry, no one gets hurt). A fantasy ménage scene—two brothers loving one woman, yay! Magical orgasms. Pleasure sparks. Lots of demon killing, lots of cursing while killing demons, and even more sex (without the demons).

EXCERPT: Mariah Meets Stephan
EXCERPT: First Kiss