Melanie Jayne

People love to tell me their secrets, and I use them in my books.

I am an award-winning Amazon bestselling author. As Melanie Jayne, I was one of the first authors to embrace writing “Seasoned Romance” featuring characters over the age of thirty-five.

As M. Jayne, I tell the tales of the Novus Pack. At six years old, I would race from the school bus to catch the last ten minutes of Dark Shadows, which has had lasting effects on my life.

My husband and I live on a grain farm in central Indiana in a 180-year-old farmhouse that might house a ghost or two. I am closely supervised by my mastiff, Duncan Keith.

I am a Leo and possess “only child magic” which means that people tend to gravitate toward me, but not before I’ve had coffee. If I were thirty years younger, I’d be working for TMZ because I love gossip and can discuss the “Bravoverse” for hours. My life’s quest is to find the best mascara. I’m a beauty product fan. I love sports and have been known to let loose a “Roll Tide” greeting when out.

Basically—I’m a good time, and my life is never boring.


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Nothing Permanent

It’s supposed to be a mutually beneficial arrangement and nothing more.

Jules gains a roommate who can renovate her old house and keep her loser brother away.

Liam gets a place to crash after his release from prison.

Neither are prepared for the instantaneous attraction that flares between them.

The pair try their best to ignore it and keep things purely platonic. That seems the sensible thing to do with Liam trying to get his life back on track while Jules fends off relentless harassment by her addict brother. Yet when her brother’s antics elevate to a dangerous level, Liam and Jules find the truth of what’s developing between them impossible to ignore.

Fate hasn’t favored either of them. Could their “nothing permanent” arrangement finally lead to the happiness they both crave?

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