Candace Sams

Candace Sams is a USA Today Bestselling Author in multiple genres. She has also been the senior woman on the US Kung Fu Team (three black belts) and has been awarded the Medal of Putien and the Statue of Tao by the Chinese Martial Arts Confederation in Quanzhou, China. She holds international martial arts titles and uses this expertise in writing fight scenes in her novels. Contact her through her website at She is independently published as well as published by Simon & Schuster.


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The Britches of Addison’s Mountie

A Mountie seeking a promotion wants to make a fantastic impression. He takes his uniform to the best tailor in town only to discover his pants have been hexed.

When you live in a society where magic is very real and its use is highly illegal, someone needs to suffer the consequences for foiling this cop’s chances at improving his life.

But who is to blame? And is blaming someone the right response when you’ve got your own magical secrets to hide?

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