Candace Sams

Where Fantasy Embraces Legend

Candace Sams has published over 75 titles in the fantasy, science fiction, Gothic, paranormal romance and action adventure genres.

Publishers include: Simon & Schuster, The Wild Rose Press, Solstice Publishing and many others. She also self-publishes.

Candace has received more than thirty awards from various organizations, and is a five time National Readers’ Choice Award® winner.
Her Tales of The Order™ series and other titles are now being vetted for movie options.

Hailing from Texas, Candace lives in a rural area of the US. A plethora of dogs and cats have adopted her. She loves collecting vintage Halloween paraphernalia, rocks, and books, and has extensively studied martial arts in China


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 Gryphon’s Quest

An Irish shape shifter is sent to New York.

He must retrieve three, magical rune stones that were stolen from an ancient burial site.

If he can retrieve the stones, and bring them back to Ireland, he can save an entire Order of magical creatures.

If he fails, his life and the life of a brilliant and beautiful archaeologist will be forfeit.

What would you do to save magic?