Shoes, Salsa and Margaritas

Why yes…. yes, they do have something in common.

Friday night, I was in Cincinnati at Lori Foster & Dianne Castell’s yearly reader and writer get together.

Several other AM authors were there…Anya, Lauren, & Beth, but the event was so crowded, I didn’t have much chance to talk with them.

I kept running into people I haven’t seen in ages.


Like the owner of these shoes, Nikki. I ran into Nikki and Ann, friends I met a few years ago through KYRW, my local RWA chapter.

I haven’t hit the chapter meetings too regularly and more or less lost contact with these ladies. Then I see Nikki, recognized her right off. Didn’t recognize Ann so easily, hair was different, she looked like she’d lost weight. 🙂

That Friday night, we ended up over at the restaurant across the street, because some evil soul told me that they have margaritas. By the pitcher.

Yes. The pitcher.

Have I mentioned I love margaritas?

And salsa? Totally love both.

Anyway, we spent about…uh… three..maybe four? hours there. Some reader friends of mine, Ang and Diane, and then one of my best friends, Anni (who was late), Sue with Borders, Tina, Ann and of course, the shoe queen, Nikki.

(Nikki has this thing for shoes that is almost scary.)

We talked books. A few people complimented my hat. (No, I didn’t steal it from Lora, she gave it to me). We ate lots of salsa, I drank too many margaritas. We talked taekwondo, we talked books, Nikki talked shoes, we talked books. We ate more salsa, drank more margaritas. More or less closed the place down.

It’s fun reconnecting with friends. 🙂

Now…of course, I could also tell you about Saturday. How Bad Barb threw coffee on me**, then some of us, including some very nice ladies from a book club in Indianapolis, closed down the restaurant again. 😉 Much fun was had…

Picture of Nikki’s shoes found via Barbara Vey’s PW blog here.

**Yes, Barb did throw coffee on me…sort of…but…well, it was an accident. It’s just more fun to tell people she’s abusing authors again, since she so loves to do it.

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3 thoughts on “Shoes, Salsa and Margaritas”

  1. Hi, Shi!
    Wonderful seeing you a the get-together. You look great and I love these shoes!!! I need these shoes. I feel a shopping trip coming on. Have a great summer with the kiddies.
    Hugs, Dianne

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