Happy Friday the 13th!

Growing up, I remember being told of the Friday the 13th superstitions. My mom would kiss me before I left for school and tell me to take extra special care that day. I recall it being a big deal among my elementary school friends, and we’d dare each other to do silly things on Friday the 13th, things to tempt the fates into smiting us down for thumbing our noses at whatever might befall us on such an unlucky day.

As I got older, I took delight in being different (yeah, not much of a surprise there), so I decided that Friday the 13th was going to be my lucky day. Only good things would happen to me. Whether my beliefs were just that strong, or this was a self-fulfilling prophecy, throughout the years Friday the 13th is always the day wonderful things happen.

It started small. I got high grades on tests I took on Friday the 13th. Since I was normally a good student, it wasn’t really a leap that I’d get good grades on tests taken that day. But I chalked it up to my personal good luck day. I found $20 on the ground one Friday the 13th. Good luck for me, not so much for the poor sap who lost it. I’ve won contests on Friday the 13th. I’ve found items I’ve wanted on sale for practically nothing, again on Friday the 13th.

On a Friday the 13th a couple years ago Ashleigh Raine signed with our first agent. Coincidence? Nope, I believe in my personal Friday the 13th good luck fairy. She hasn’t let me down yet.

So what am I doing this Friday the 13th? I’m starting my vacation. When I began making my vacation plans a year ago, I looked at the calendar and knew I had to start my vacation full of good luck, so what better day than my favorite day? I’ll be spending the day driving up the California Coast, then spending the night exploring the haunts of the Winchester Mystery House, on one of their special Friday the 13th tours.

And I think I’ll buy a lottery ticket too. 🙂

So what are you doing to celebrate Friday the 13th/good luck day?