Am I the World's Best Blogger?

Um…no. Not even close. It’s the 4th Wednesday of the month. Today is my day. I have a month to think of something witty, pithy and charming to opine about, right? I wonder if I had a century if it would matter. Sometimes topics won’t come to me, and today is one of those days. I’m going to bet that no one cares about my review of the new Get Smart movie. (It was surprisingly good, in case you actually do care.) I’m also going to guess that no one wants to hear a rant from me about the fact it’s already 100 degrees in my neck of the woods, which is going to make for a really hot summer. There’s a lot of that going around the U.S., so I’m sure you’d only ask me if I want some cheese with that whine. I doubt anyone wants to hear about the new PC game I’ve been playing…sometimes when I should be writing. I’m going to make my deadline–I think–so this is just a little recreational stop on the long drive to The End. Before I typed this, I started a blog about what makes a good romance novel hero. But I found myself writing why I seem to like dark, tormented guys who have a hard time sharing themselves (yet oddly, I disliked Graham from the Bachelorette 4 for that very reason). I don’t write guys who are walking Hallmark cards and want to show you their sensitive side. Some readers love that, and I wish I could connect. But I digress… What was the point? Oh, yeah. There really wasn’t one. Damn it.

I know! I’ll apologize profusely for having lame brain today, promise that I’ll try to do better next month and leave you with something I know you WILL want.

Think he needs help? Happy hump day, everyone!