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I’m super excited to share the print release of THE LADY AND THE DRAGON with you because this year, I celebrated my 10th anniversary as a published author. I couldn’t think of a better way than to reissue my first published book ever. I updated it and added a little spice specifically for the Samhain release. This has always been one of my favorite stories.

A Runaway Heiress
Lady Christina Delafield was as bold as she was beautiful. When her overbearing grandfather threatened to tame her in a Swiss finishing school, Christina stowed away on the first ship leaving London harbor, determined to make her own way in life. But the mysterious captain of the Dragon’s Lair was a seductive reason to relinquish her independence–and embrace desire.

A Gentleman Pirate
Drexell Cain had lived for four years as the merciless Black Dragon, the scourge of the seas. Bent on rescuing his brother from the British Navy, Drex would do anything to return him to his wife and son in Louisiana–even kidnap the Lord Admiral’s granddaughter for ransom. A lovely blonde stowaway was an unexpected complication, until he discovered her real identity–and her passionate claim on his lonely heart.

You can see the book video and read an excerpt here.


5 out of 5! “Historical romance at its best. Filled with gripping romance combined with a well-written plot and realistic emotions, THE LADY AND THE DRAGON was consumed in one sitting.” ~ Romance Junkies

Recommended Read! “THE LADY AND THE DRAGON is one of the best first books I have ever had the pleasure of reading, and I guarantee you it will be one I will save to read again and again in future years. I am proud to name this book my Recommended Read for the month!” ~ Ck2s Kwips & Kritiques

5 of out 5! “I was absolutely entranced by The Lady and the Dragon! I loved this story and recommend it heartily. Pick up your copy today!” ~ Fallen Angels Reviews

Shelley Bradley weaves a suspenseful tale with a wonderfully complicated plot that kept me reading long after midnight. The characters were vividly real and their interaction with each other very entertaining. Rife with subplots and antagonists, this is a story that stays with the reader long after they have finished the book. Her story is passionately romantic and gripping. If you want to read a novel that picks you up and sweeps you away into another world as real as any, then THE LADY AND THE DRAGON is one not to be missed.” ~ Historical Romance Club

It’s currently available at MBAM,, B& and Some are either showing the old cover or no cover, but the book is the same.

I hope you enjoy!

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