Such Amazing Gifts

I was asked who I knew, in terms of romance authors, to get a quote for my second Kensington Brava book, The Redemption of Micah.

Who could top Sabrina Jeffries, the lovely gracious woman who read and gave a cover quote for The Education of Madeline?

Well, I got doubly lucky. The lovely, talented Sylvia Day offered a quote. She is the amazing author of some amazing books – if you haven’t read her, you must.

Then *sigh* I asked Leigh Greenwood. You see, he was my inspiration for a long time. As a western romance novelist for many years, he continued to give his readers great reads. I e-mailed him at least five years ago, before I was published, and he offered me advice.

Now I am published and on my way to an established career. Not only did he say yes to read it, but here is what he sent me:

I enjoyed your book.  Thank you for letting me read it.  Here is your quote.

“An intensely emotional love story that will have you turning pages in eager anticipation.”

The best of luck with your books and your career.  I’m pleased to have had some small hand in it.


I felt a million miles high. What a thrill! And since Sunday is my birthday, they are such amazing gifts.

Anyhoo, if you haven’t read Leigh’s books, I recommend starting with the Seven Brides series. Hen (Laurel) is my absolute favorite. G’head, it’s a great read. 🙂

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  1. Congratulations on getting such great comments, especially from Leigh! I hope you have a wonderful birthday this weekend.

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