Buy a book…save the world…

What’s this, you say?
It’s a brilliant idea that will solve every problem in the world. Forever…
Well, not really. But if you’re here, chances are you are a reader. Which means going out and buying one book can make a difference.

Found over at Alison Kent’s blog who found it via Editorial Lass.

For anyone who cares about the book publishing industry and wants to do their part, there’s one simple action step:

Buy a book this weekend.

Just buy one.

Buy your sister a book instead of a sweater for her birthday; buy your friend who can’t even make toast or boil water a beginner’s cookbook; buy your company’s receptionist a novel you liked because most people probably ignore him/her (it’s always a her, though, isn’t it?) and you’ll make his/her day.

Buy your holiday gifts now. Instead of a CD for your brother, buy him a book on his favorite recording artist.

Instead of going to the library this one week buy the book you were going to read–it might only be a difference of a couple of bucks in the end. One day this week, make a peanut butter sandwich, skip going out for lunch, and buy a paperback.


It doesn’t matter what. It doesn’t have to be a literary fiction hardcover. If could be a $5.99 mass market nutrition guide, a $4.99 young reader chapter book, a Harlequin romance. Your money will still prevent returns of other books (…) Even if it’s not by your favorite author or your favorite publishing house, your favorites will be indirectly affected.

It doesn’t matter where. Sure, buying at the chains will help against the returns, but you can help out the publisher with your purchase no matter how you get it, even on the internet.

So go find a shiny, pretty new book to buy.  Whether it’s $5 bucks on a new paperback at the local discount store or $25 on a book at the local bookstore, buy a new book.  It might seem weird, but if enough people pick up just one or two new books over the holiday season, it can make one big difference.  And just in case you’d like a recommendation… *G* You could pick up The Missing at any of these fine establishments.




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  1. I saw this on Alison’s blog last week. I actually bought 5 books at the local B&N Monday when I took my niece for story time (ditching work) since my mom was doing some emergency babysitting for our neighbors and couldn’t take her.

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