Crazy Time!

So I’m smack dab in the middle of several things – The biggest thing is that Undercover, my futuristic, menage, erotic romance will be releasing from Berkley Heat December 2. So I’m running toward the street date, trying not to freak that I haven’t done enough, trying not to check my amazon and barnes and noble rankings every three minutes and trying not to fall into the pit of “ONOES! WILL I SELL ANY BOOKS!” But when I get a bit freaked, I can happily check out some of my early reviews and know at least a few people will enjoy Undercover (here are a few because it makes me smile) –

Top Pick from RT Booklovers! Dane has written a sizzling, delicious tale of love lost, found and expanded. The M/F/M triad is as endearing as it is molten hot. The friction between Sera and Ash as they resolve their past is intense, and with Brandt added to the mix, it’s nothing short of explosive. An adrenaline-filled, suspenseful subplot keeps the reader engaged.

Mandy at Fresh Fiction says: UNDERCOVER is a hot, sexy and action-packed piece of writing that will keep you glued to every page wondering what will happen next. A fabulous read!

Chrissy at Romance Junkies gives UNDERCOVER Five Blue Ribbons: Wow! This book rocks! Lauren Dane pulls out all the stops with this soul searing, awe-inspiring read.

Second and third – I’ve got two other books coming out between November 25 and December 23 – Holiday Seduction with Jaci Burton featuring her story Unwrapped and my To Do List coming out in trade paper on November 25 and Sweet Charity, the digital follow up to To Do List, coming out from Samhain on December 23.

Around the periphery of that I’m finishing up Always, a contemporary romance for Samhain, getting ready to start No Reservations, which I’m co-writing with Megan Hart as a follow up to March’s Taking Care of Business and waiting to hear back on several pitches my agent has out. 

Oh and my kids are out of school like every other day and that doesn’t count all the short days they’ve got for conference week and holidays. It’s crazy.

At the same time, every last bit of it is important and wonderful and something I worked hard for and will always remember (well except those half days when I can’t get any work done, LOL).  So things might be busy and crazy but I’m sooo thankful for every book I can write and sell, every time I get a note from a reader or a bookstore who’s enjoyed my writing, for seeing the finished product and knowing I was blessed enough to find a home for it.

So life is busy, yes, but it’s filled with wonderful things and believe you me, I’ll have plenty of things to list next Thursday as we sit around the table and get ready to dig into the turkey (picked it up today so that’s done, yay!).

I hope you’re all having a wonderful autumn filled with blessings big and small. 

PS – Don’t forget to check out my blog from now until December 2! I’m giving away books every single day as well as a pretty nifty grand prize.

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  1. I’m glad that so many good things have come out of you being so busy. You’re definitely right about having plenty to be thankful for next Thursday!

    I’m definitely looking forward to your new releases.

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