Book Signing and Countdown

Two big events coming up for me y’all. The first is my first book signing at a Barnes & Noble. I’ve done signings at conferences, at BAM, at Borders and at Waldenbooks, but never at B&N. I’m jazzed!

Here are the details – if you are anywhere near Raleigh, please come see me! I’ll be signing Devils on Horseback: Jake.

Saturday, February 7 from 1 to 3 pm

Barnes & Noble, Brier Creek Commons, 8431 Brier Creek Parkway, Raleigh, NC 27617, 919-484-9903

I’m signing with four lovely ladies from my local RWA group, HCRW, including Jenna Black, Claudia Dain, Cindy Holby, and Deb Marlowe.

Second big news! February 24th is a big day for me, a HUGE day. It’s the official “street date” of The Education of Madeline my very first Kensington Brava book, my first New York published book!

I am beside myself with excitement, if you can’t already tell, and when I received a box of copies… I held one close, smelled it, felt it and marveled over my creation. Sounds corny and a bit odd, but I worked so hard to get here, I am reveling in the feeling. 🙂

I couldn’t have gotten here, of course, without the support and encouragement of others. First off, my DH, my wonderful sister, my parents, my kids and my in-laws. They are all amazing cheerleaders and know when I’m on a deadline to leave me the hell alone. Second, my editors, Sasha, L2 and Kate – all fantastic ladies who I respect a great deal. I’ve learned different things from each, and together they’ve brought me here.

A great big huge thank you to all the readers who also helped me get here. Without readers, are we really authors? LOL. So thank you, thank you, thank you!

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