May Is Looking Pretty Good!

On May 1, What Happens in Vegas…After Dark released from Harlequin Spice (also in the antho is Anya Bast!)

My story is Sensual Magic and it’s a follow up to last year’s Stripped – it features Nash’s brother William

Two years ago, William Emery believed in love. Deciding to make his permanent home in Boston and start a nightclub there, he was locking down funding and approving the font on wedding invitations.
Until he found out his fiancée was little more than a faithless gold digger.

Emotionally devastated, he moved to Las Vegas where his younger brother lived and began work to create the kind of club he’d always wanted to run. And to drown the memories of his idealism in a sea of female flesh. If you didn’t involve your heart, it never got broken.

Nell Hunter is a witch on the trail of a human who’s stolen from her people. This human is working with a group of mages stealing money and power from the clans and cabals, relying on the need for secrecy to keep their victims quiet and from going to the police. But they hadn’t banked on Nell.
She’s a bonded hunter to the court of the Owen clan.

In Vegas, Nell seeks William out, his ex-fiance is the woman she’s looking for. The sparks between them fly immediately and while Nell knows they’re meant to be, William has a harder time with it. They come together as bullets and magic fly – nothing worth having is ever easy

And then on the 5th, RELENTLESS released.

In this erotic universe, passion knows no rank…

Since the first settlers came through the portals from Earth, fifteen Families have held the rule of the Federated Universes in their hands. There’s never been a better time than now to throw out the old and usher in a new order. Give voice to the unranked. Abbie Haws has spent her life battling the system. A fighter, she’s always been too busy and driven to pay much attention to finding love. But when she’s granted audience with Roman Lyons, the head of House Lyons, who stands for everything she hates, her instant attraction catches Abbie off-guard…

It’s common knowledge that the Known Universe revolves around Ravena—and that Ravena revolves around Roman Lyons, bred to lead since birth. Roman dreads his meeting with a defiant—if stunning—rabble-rouser. But, sometimes, headstrong personalities in the conference room make for hot-and-heavy, guilty trysts in private….

Now, Abbie will show Roman the parts of her world he wouldn’t otherwise get to see. And he’ll give her a glimpse of the Families’ age old tradition and unleash a sexuality he’d never given rein to before.

Icing this cake is the fact that I learned there will be another Federation book – Insatiable, which will be about Daniel Haws, Abbie’s brother and the shadowy Phantom Corps. That will come out in July of next year and I’m beyond thrilled!

And today, I got an email informing me Righteous Blade, a paranormal romance set in Las Vegas, will be releasing from Samhain in September of next year! This book has been with me since March of 2006 when I visited Vegas with some friends and the seed of the story idea lodged in my brain. I can’t wait to get back to it.

So it’s all pretty awesome, I must say. New releases, new sales, great reviews – a very fine way to spend the last several weeks if I do say so myself.

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  1. May does sound like a pretty good month for you. I’m happy to hear that there will be another Federation book. Would you know this far in advance if it will come out in hardback from Rhapsody or is that asking too much right now. 🙂

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