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I have a tendency to overthink things, and unfortunately I cannot seem to find the dimmer switch for it.  God forbid I wake up in the middle of the night and my mind decides to kick into gear. I will not sleep again that night.

Lately I haven’t been sleeping well, and yes, it’s because my mind is in high gear. This can be a good thing (if I’m plotting out a book or visualizing a scene) or a bad thing (if I’m stressing about everything else in my life). This latest round of not sleeping is a bad thing, mixed with a bit of good.

You see, I have a book due September 1 – my first book written as Emma Lang, my new pen name for Kensington Brava beginning June 2010. I want this book to wow readers so they’ll come hungry for more. There’s one stress, a big one. And well, you see, I am behind on actually writing the book and have three weeks to finish it (that’d be 250 pages, or about 60K).

Now you’re following along with me and my demon-like stresses, right? It gets even a bit worse, unfortunately. A friend of mine (who was younger than me by a few months) lost her battle with cancer last Saturday. Losing someone, even if it’s expected, throws you for a loop, then kicks you.

I’m distracted and having a hard time focusing. That’s the biggest bad of all.

Now for the good. When I’m writing, it’s flowing well. The characters are making me laugh and cry and get angry, just as they’re supposed to.  I need to write their story and it’s also on my mind pretty much constantly. I would pay serious money to find the damn dimmer switch on my mind. LOL.

So here’s my question to y’all, what’s your favorite method to focus? I need some ideas y’all so I can compartmentalize everything and get the book written.


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  1. Can’t help you Beth. I’ve never found the answer to get my mind to focus but I will say I feel for you and I’ll be thinking of you and sending focus vibes your way.

  2. Hi Beth!!

    I’m so sorry about your friend!! (((hugs)))

    When I get overwhelmed and can’t focus or concentrate the best thing for me is to get away! Hubby and I will get in the car and just drive. We might end up at one of the local walking parks and get out and walk or we might end up at the beach. Sometimes I just need to sit and not talk or think……….even for just an hour. Once I do that (and have a chocolate shake or ice cream) I’m good to go again! 🙂

  3. Hey cowgirl Beth,
    Usually when my mind races like that when I try to sleep the only thing that helps is to get up and write it all down. But it sounds like you’ve been doing that, so instead my suggestion to you is to take 15-30 min each day to sit and meditiate or focus, or just to experience the feelings that you are having about losing your friend. Give yourself permission and time to feel those things, then try and relax.

    Set goals for writing (which I am sure you already do), and make a list of EVERYTHING that you want to get done that day. Crossing items off a list no matter how small is a great feeling and may make you realize how much you actually do get done every day.

    Sept 1 is not that far off, so I can see how you would be stressing about that deadline. And if it helps to incoporate some of what you are feeling into the book in some way, maybe that way it will be cathartic for you. Emotion is always good in a book, but if it does not fit the story, then definitely take a small amount of time to grieve each day, then crack the whip and get back to work! **hugs**

  4. Everyone’s had some good suggestions, Beth. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend 🙁 I think getting some of the stuff running around in your head out onto paper might help. And sometimes I find doing something else (often physical) helps, like taking a walk or whatever kind of exercise you find appealing or at least palatable. It kind of helps reset your brain a little. And although it might not help right this instant, having all the feelings and stuff you’re experiencing may be exactly what you need to tap into for a book/character you’ll write later. Take care, Beth!

  5. I am not sure after the death of a friend anything works. Yet, when my mind is racing and I have project deadlines and paperwork galore, I try a method called singleness of purpose. I will lock my mind into what ever project I am working on and not be disturbed for anyone. If I were a writer I think I would focus on one character and what makes them tick and how they would respond to things that happen in their life and write as if they were responding. Good Luck

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