What's Next? And Not…

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for a while but I either forget or I’m too slammed so I’m writing it down while I have a quiet moment.

I often get emails asking me about older series and if I plan to continue them:

Witches Knot – I’m done with the series at this point. That’s not to say I won’t revisit in the future because I love the world and I’d really love to write about Kael and his Hunter Crew some more, but the main story arc is finished and my Charvez witches all found their HEA.

Cherchez Pack – This is probably the one I get the most questions on so let me be sort of blunt – I’d love to write more, but moving the series into another publisher is a hugely daunting task. There will be issues with some of the books being in print and me having to say over and over that I just don’t know if or when the first two will be out in print. Having to deal with that is more trouble than I’ve got time for right now so it’s not on my schedule, at least not this year. I do have a book for Skye but I don’t have the time to write it just now (and I still have all the stuff about moving the books elsewhere).

So I love the series, I love the wolves, but right now, the series is dormant.

Chase Brothers – Four brothers, four books. I’m done with the series (no inventing cousins or anything) but I’m not done with Petal. I do want to write HEAs for some of the Murphys. And yes, I do want to write Edward and Polly’s story, but it’s far more complicated than it may appear from the books, so it will take me some time. Time I don’t have just now, but it’s on my To Do List

Cascadia Wolves – I’m done with the main story arc from Enforcer to Standoff. But I am not done with that world by any means. Trinity is a spin off from that world and there are crossover plot issues. I’ll be back with more books after Trinity (if Samhain wants them that is) to tie up some loose ends I leave at the end of Trinity (though I promise the HEA is there!)

Federation Chronicles – Yes there will be more. Insatiable is Daniel’s book and it starts a three book story arc called Phantom Corps (as Daniel is all uber secret black ops guy). Mezmerized is the next one after that. There’ll be a final story as well.

Contemps – I don’t have a series title for my Seattle based contemporaries from Heat but yes, there will be two more books after Laid Bare. Coming Undone is Brody’s book and it’s out January 5 and Inside Out is Cope’s boo and I have no idea at this point as I just contracted it, but sometime in late 2010 or early 2011 most likely. I’d like to finish up with Adrian’s story.

I think these are the ones I get asked about the most often. Think of this as an open call for questions! Ask away and if possible, I’ll answer.