One Year Older

This Monday, the 9th, is my birthday. I’ll be 42, right in the prime of my life where things sort of shift from where they’ve been. It’s made me think about things, such as where I’ll be in eight years when I turn 50.

Oh, the thoughts I’ve had about that! My older DS will be 26, which means I could be a grandmother. (OMG) The younger DS will be just graduated from college, which means… we’ll have this house to ourselves.

Hmmm, what to do with a 3000 SF house and no kids? The possibilities are endless…

Then I think about where I’ll be with my writing at 50. My goal is, of course, to have quit my day job and write novels full-time. I’d like to be self-sufficient like Nora Roberts and support myself with just my writing. Wouldn’t that be just awesome?

Of course, the drawback to that plan is the economy. People just aren’t buying as many books these days, and who can blame them? Would you rather eat or buy a book?

Okay some days that question might get a different answer, but most days it would be to eat of course. LOL.

I plan on writing, and hopefully publishers keep buy my books. Writing is part of my soul, of my genetic make-up really and I refuse to stop. The voices in my head might actually take over!

Ah, birthdays. Makes us all a bit philosophical, I think. So let’s play a fun game, ok? Everyone who posts their favorite birthday memory will get a chance at a free book. Ready?

My favorite birthday memory is… in third grade my mom arranged for a surprise sleepover with my very best friend, Robin. It was a wonderful birthday!

Now your turn!

11 thoughts on “One Year Older”

  1. My favorite birthday memory was 6 years ago. My birthday was a week after my wedding and my husband had a surprise party when we returned from our honeymoon.

  2. Happy early Birthday!

    I really don’t remember a favorite birthday of mine. I guess it would be last year when my husband and friends took me to a mexican restaurant to celebrate it. They put a sombrero on your head and then sing happy birthday in spanish and then put whipped cream all over your face. it was a fun time.

  3. Happy Birthday, Beth !!! 42..huh, you’re young, baby.

    Most memorable birthday… On our first year together, DH took me to a harbor cruise in San Francisco. It was so fun to dress up and drink champagne….now we have kids, and for my birthday I get to bake my own cake! LOL.

    Have fun!!

  4. Happy Birthday!!

    My favorite birthday memory was when I was 6. My birthday is at the end of the school year. My dad brought in cake and pop and loot bags for my whole class.We spent the afternoon playing games and partying. He did that every year until 6th grade.

  5. Favorite birthday memory? My parents threw me a party when I turned 16–they cleared out the basement and let me invite friends and hire a DJ. As a parent now, I’m even more thankful for knowing how much they love me! That still makes my current birthdays special. And the next one is WAY older than 16! ;p

  6. Armenia – harbor cruise sounds wonderful!

    elaing8 – What a great memory!

    Fedora – what fabulous parents you have! I didn’t get a cake until 4 days after my 16th birthday. LOL.

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