Catching Up!

Let’s see, I worked on INSIDE OUT all weekend long. Loving the chemistry here between Cope and Ella. Glad that’s working, LOL. I need to make major progress this week as my parents will be here next week and the kids are all off school as of Friday.

Various and sundry book stuff:

Over at Rhapsody I’m bundle priced! Coming Undone and Laid Bare sold together in hardback!

INSATIABLE is up for pre-order at Amazon!

TRINITY is finally available at the Kindle store – thanks to everyone who wrote in on my behalf!

You can pre-order COMING UNDONE for Kindle and for other e-readers via Books on Board

Apparently some of my EC titles -including Ascension, are now up at the Kindle store too. Love the wider exposure! (but you might want to check with the EC site directly for possible breaks in price). This has led to more questions about whether I’ll be writing more in my Cherchez Pack series and when they’ll be in print.

I always hesitate when I get asked this question. For years I’ve danced around it because I’m trying to stay professional. At this point, I’ll be blunt: I’ve asked over and over since the books came out (and Tri Mates too) when the books would go to print and no one ever wants to give me an answer. I wish I had other news, but in truth, I don’t. I’m not asking anymore, not because I don’t want to see them in print, but because I’ve deemed any further communications on the matter to be a waste of my time.

I love the world and those characters quite a bit, but I don’t know if I’ll have the time to write Skye’s story any time soon given my current schedule and the problematic nature of having later books in print and the first two “I don’t know”

Haven’t been able to read much other than my own work lately – but I’m hoping that’ll change over the break. My TBR pile(s) is huge so I need to get it down a little before even more great books come out in January!