To resolve or not to resolve

Happy New Year y’all!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. Mine was pretty good I have to say. Christmas with my in-laws and New Year’s with my parents.

Of course one of the topics of conversation was resolutions – the New Year wouldn’t be complete without them, hm? So, I thought about what I wanted to accomplish in 2009 and decided they weren’t actually resolutions, but rather promises to me.

What I learned about myself was that if I set myself up for very specific resolutions, I tended not to achieve them. So my promises are a bit wider and allow me to keep the promise without feeling like a failure – a common occurrence with resolutions for me.

2009 Promises by Beth

  • Write every day, even if it’s only 5 words
  • Read more
  • Exercise regularly
  • Keep away from foods I shouldn’t eat (food allergies)
  • Be happy

Not an extensive list but promises I intend to keep, or I will be the one disappointed. What do you think? Promises or resolutions?

5 thoughts on “To resolve or not to resolve”

  1. Promises sound so much better than resolutions. I see resolution and automatically think of something that will fail. Maybe I’ll make a list of promises for the coming year.

    I think right now I will promise to go make some fresh coffee. πŸ˜‰

  2. Karin – Thanks! Happy New Year to you too!

    Delilah – Hm, yeah the dieting goals. *sigh* This year I have some help from my doctor and a firm promise to myself. God knows if that will work. LOL.

    Brandy – LMAO – good promise!

  3. I don’t have any resolutions. LOl I never keep them, so I’m just setting goals. Not sure if thats a big distinction to anyone else but me..but it works for me, and that’s all that counts. *grin*

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