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Being a Girl is HARD

It’s no secret that being a girl is hard. Extremely hard. And it doesn’t matter how young or old we are or what we do every day of our lives.

As a mom of two daughters, I’ve always prided myself in being honest with them. One instance, that seems to be happening often with the youngest, I’m always honest regards the subject of bullies, or mean girls.

So often parents tell their children things will get better as they get older. I don’t. I tell my girls that people, some people, are mean and will always be mean. The only thing that will really change, or get better, is our individual ability to handle the bullies. I tell them that no matter how old we get there are always going to be people we do not like or want to be around. People who cannot find it in themselves to be genuinely kind to others. I then tell them it is up to them to find a strength inside themselves, a strength I know we all have inside, to stand against the bullies.

Now, most recently for example, this advise was dished out to my elementary aged daughter. I told her there will be nothing easy about it, but that her best defense against mean girls is to be a happy girl. I told her that nothing pisses off a bully intent on ruining your day more than being happy in the face of their meanness. My girls, being the sarcastic and expressive creatures they are, always laugh at me when I tell them this. Yeah, I admit I see the insanity of the idea.

My girls thrive on music. One plays flute and the other is a singer. This makes it feel natural that I should use music, this seemingly small thing which they connect to, to help my youngest come up with ways to combat the negativity. My current promise is to help her build an Empowering Playlist. A playlist she listens to in the morning before school, in the afternoon after school and in the evening before bed. A playlist that can live in her head and give her something to turn to in those moments when she needs to tune out the negativity around her.

So my question for you, no my plea, is what music empowers you to be a stronger you? What song helps you stand against those who would oppress you? What would you suggest for the sake of inspiring a young girl trying to find her way in an emotion filled world?

To resolve or not to resolve

Happy New Year y’all!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. Mine was pretty good I have to say. Christmas with my in-laws and New Year’s with my parents.

Of course one of the topics of conversation was resolutions – the New Year wouldn’t be complete without them, hm? So, I thought about what I wanted to accomplish in 2009 and decided they weren’t actually resolutions, but rather promises to me.

What I learned about myself was that if I set myself up for very specific resolutions, I tended not to achieve them. So my promises are a bit wider and allow me to keep the promise without feeling like a failure – a common occurrence with resolutions for me.

2009 Promises by Beth

  • Write every day, even if it’s only 5 words
  • Read more
  • Exercise regularly
  • Keep away from foods I shouldn’t eat (food allergies)
  • Be happy

Not an extensive list but promises I intend to keep, or I will be the one disappointed. What do you think? Promises or resolutions?

A Red Door


When I was a kid, I used to tell my parents I wanted to be a writer.

I told my mom when I was rich and famous, I’d buy her a yellow house with a red door.

I haven’t exactly achieved any major level of fame that I can tell. I’m not rich. So far, that yellow house is still just a dream.

A few months ago, I dropped by my mom’s work. I was taking her something or just swinging by to say hi. I can’t remember.

What I do remember was on my way out, she stopped me and said, “I’m really proud of you. Of you four kids, you’re the one who chased your dreams. You knew what you wanted and you went after it.”

Mom…I’m still going after that yellow house.