Get ready for a wild weekend!


Do I have to warn you this story’s hot? Or that the three people on the cover will share more than tanning lotion? This book releases on Friday—just in time for the weekend! Be sure to read the bottom of this blog to find out how you can enter the contest for two great prize packages!


Jane wants Bruno…Bruno wants Cord…Cord wants Jane…but can everyone get what they really want?

Jane, fresh from a breakup, decides to seduce Bruno, one of the firemen next door, to restore her shattered confidence. But the trap she sets is sprung instead by his best friend, Cord. After she flees in embarrassment, Bruno makes a proposition too wicked for any good girl to consider, but how can she refuse the chance at not one, but two strapping firemen?

Bruno’s shared women with Cord before, but decides to use Cord’s attraction to Jane to break down his defenses for the ultimate threesome. Cord thinks he knows how this little tryst will go down, but he’s seduced into allowing Bruno intimacies this hetero guy has never before considered.


Check out my blog for details about the contest! When you post here you are automatically entered. And follow this link to read an excerpt: Jane’s Wild Weekend

17 thoughts on “Get ready for a wild weekend!”

  1. Good Morning Deliliah. The more I read these post the more I want this book. You are doing a fantastic job of wetting our appetites for this one.

  2. Amy! Thanks!!

    I do too. Just the thought of two men gettin’ hot and sweaty while they work… Guess I like any man who’s into physical labor. 🙂

    I’m glad you’re tempted. Stick around and I’ll make this book impossible to ignore.

  3. I really really want this book LOL. I don’t know how I am going to handle working all day on Friday and waiting until the end of the day to get to read it and I have to work Saturday too so I am going to have to finish it on Friday night.

  4. You ever get the feeling that I’m following you around?

    I get to get this one bright and early Friday morning. Its the only thing on the schedule for me.

    It is amazing what can happen in the heat of the moment. 😉

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