Repackaged… or is it UN packaged…

One of my novellas, DJINN’S WISH, was originally written from an anthology, A WISH, A KISS, A DREAM with my friends, Lora Leigh and Mary Wine.

A Wish, A Kiss, A Dream

The anthology, released in both ebook and print, was the only way to get the story.

In a few weeks… DJINN’S WISH will be released from Ellora’s Cave as a standalone.  The stories written by Mary and Lora will also be released individually as well.

When a book is released in one form, and then released later on, (like novellas being placed with different novellas/a book given a new cover/etc), they tend to call it repackaging.

So would this be unpackaging…?

Djinn's Wish

If you’d like to read an excerpt, you can do so here.

Also wanted to let you know about a contest I’m running through my personal blog through the end of the month.  We’re counting down to the release of Hunter’s Need, releasing in mass market paperback on 12/1.

30 Day Giveaway

Other rambling news…finished up the second book in the Grimm’s Circle series.  Grimm’s Circle is a little bit paranormal, a little bit urban fantasy, a little bit erotic romance, and a lot of fun, so far. The first book, CANDY HOUSES, released in October and the second book, NO PRINCE CHARMING, will be out in January from Samhain Publishing.

No Prince Charming

I’ll be out signing several places in December, so if you’re able to get to one of the signings, I’d love to meet you!




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And I think I’ve covered everything…  O_O


2 thoughts on “Repackaged… or is it UN packaged…”

  1. Hm… I’ve been seeing more of this lately, Shiloh–whatever it’s called, if it means more fans can get your books, it’s a win!

  2. I’m with Fedora here. I’ve been seeing the break-up of anthologies a lot lately.

    I guess you could call it UNpackaging. Whatever it is I find it interesting and kinda neat cause we get to visit or -revisit a story we may not have known about. Or we can finally get the one book we want without having to buy the whole thing, which we may not want.

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