Come have Fun With Dick and Jayne!

To celebrate the release on Wednesday of Fun With Dick and Jayne, I’m running a countdown contest! The prize is a $25.00 gift certificate from To enter, all you have to do is post a comment on this blog posting or on any posting on my own blog through Wednesday—multiple entries mean multiple chances to win!

Come on over and read some sexy excerpts—I promise, I’ll whet your appetite for more. Delilah’s Blog

Fun With Dick and Jayne

He didn’t know the nightly peepshow was just a naughty invitation…

Garrett knows what he’s doing can get him into trouble, but he can’t help himself. Every night, as he arrives home, the blonde across the alley gets busy with her boyfriend with the blinds open. He’s spent the past two weeks getting an eyeful and falling deep into lust.

But when Garrett sees a man in a black ski mask sneak into his sexy neighbor’s bedroom, he doesn’t know he’ll be the one captured.

Jayne has a nice life with a nice lover who sees to her every need, but she’s still drawn to the lonely man across the alley. She’s been sharing her deepest fantasies with him from afar, but is ready to up the stakes. When she talks Richard into enacting a dangerous scenario, everything works out as planned. Only Garrett’s not happy about being played. And he’s got reservations because she already has a lover and he’s not into threesomes. Guess she’ll just have to convince him otherwise.

31 thoughts on “Come have Fun With Dick and Jayne!”

  1. Jennifer! Thanks for dropping by!!

    Cory! Can’t have seen too much. I turned it in January 1st. This was a really quick turn-around for release.

    Fedora! I’m all tingly that you’re so excited. LOL

  2. Julie! It’s a novella, so it should be a quick read. But it’s hot enough I think you’ll want to read it twice to make sure you didn’t miss any naughty bits.

    Brandy! And I’ll be looking to see whether you want a sequel or two!

  3. I love the sound of this book and have been wanting it since I first heard about it. Glad it’s finally here(almost).

  4. Congrats on the upcoming release! I have added this to my list to buy. Sounds like a really good read.

  5. Congrats on the release DD. Cant wait to snag a copy. I have now read and reread the excerpts and it just keeps getting hotter.

  6. Congrats Delilah,
    The excerpt is totally hot. (sizzling here). You will
    really need to read it when your partner is around
    though. LOL

  7. Can’t wait! And we’ll definately want sequels, we always do. I’d love more on the town of Honkeytonk, and the town of Unbidled and Unforgiven.

  8. Congratulations, Delilah.

    I have no doubt this will be a wonderful and exciting book. I can’t wait to read it.

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