Madeleine Oh

Madeleine Oh is a woman of mystery. Some say she is the granddaughter of an odalisque from the Bey’s harem in Algiers, others that her father was a direct descendant of the line of Welsh princes. It’s also been heard that her parents met whilst working for the French Resistance during WW2 and there have even been claims that she was born on a farm in Ohio. Perhaps all of this is is utter fiction. But truth or fiction, readers love her wildly imaginative erotic tales.

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Madeline Oh

ISBN: 9781623009168

Loose ID LLC

A Sexy Space Operawith Vampires

Rand Farrar hires a vampire, Drak Varna, as body guard as protection from bounty hunters, never expecting to become a vampire himself in the process. Now the two vampires need willing human donors so they hire Ferda Wallace, a veteran navigator and pilot who has other talents and connections. Ferda proves to be a valuable crew member, even if she does convince them, despite Rand’s misgivings to risk the ship and themselves to break a blockade on a pioneer planet.

From there the trio embark on a series of galactic adventures, ferrying cargoes, avoiding pirate attacks, acquiring a succession of additional crew members/donors, reconnecting with old friends and acquaintances and always avoiding the steadfast and determine bounty hunters who seem hellbent on pursuing Rand across the galaxy… Will nothing convince them to stop their relentless pursuit?

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