Driven to Distraction by Ashleigh Raine

The past week has been so exciting for Lisa and Jen (both halves of the Ashleigh Raine writing team). Driven to Distraction has a cover and a release date!Driven to Distraction cover

You can also see our cover on the homepage of our yahoo group. or you can see the cover on our myspace page: And if you’re on myspace, add us as your friend (spammers not welcome–sorry, I’m not interested in free ipods or gift certificates).

So, tell us what you think of our cover. We’re in love with it. It’s gorgeous and perfectly captures Jay and Blaina and their love of (and their loving in) cars. D Yup, these two have all sorts of naughty fun in and around cars, both on set and off.

Only four months and four days until Driven to Distraction releases! August 7, 2007 Driven to Distraction will be available from Samhain Publishing. *bouncebouncebounce* Can you tell how excited we are?

Here’s the official blurb for Driven to Distraction

Dodging explosions, crashing cars, jumping off rooftops…and falling in love.

A Hollywood Heat Novel

Up-and-coming stuntwoman Blaina Triton stops to help a sexy stranded stranger on the side of the road. Passion ignites hotter than the asphalt beneath their feet and they go back to his place for an anonymous carnal romp. Days later, she arrives on the set of her next feature film only to discover that the man she played out wanton erotic fantasies with is also her boss, Jay Williams. She thinks this job just got a whole lot better, until Jay makes it clear he never mixes business with pleasure.

Jay knows firsthand how distraction can be fatal, but around Blaina, his full, lust-ridden attention strays to her rather than staying on the job. In an effort to regain control, he offers an ultimatum—off set, their relationship is no-naughty-holds-barred, but on set, when they touch, it has to be strictly professional.

Soon their clandestine rendezvous ignite as hot as the movie’s onscreen explosions. As an unstoppable stunt team they are flawless, until the strain of their secret relationship begins to tear them apart. Jay has to make a decision. Walk away from the woman he loves, or allow himself to be driven to distraction…

Warning, this title contains the following: Jay and Blaina are imaginative in their proclivities. There’s lots of sex in, on and around cars. Sex in public places, sex in a hotel room, masturbation, exhibitionism, oral sex, anal sex, spanking, minor bondage of the tie-me-up-and-have-your-wicked-way-with-me kind and sex with a foreign object.

Lisa and I have lots of exciting plans leading up the release of Driven to Distraction. Our website, is getting remodeled. Within the next couple months, there’ll be a whole new design and look to the site.

Jen is attending this years Romantic Times Booksellers Convention. I won’t be signing anything at the book fair this year, but watch for me wandering around and passing out specially designed Driven to Distraction excerpt booklets, made to look like a Hollywood call and shoot sheet! They’re really cool. B-)

We have lots of other things in the works that we can’t talk about quite yet, but as soon as everything’s official, we’ll be announcing it so everyone knows. 2007 is going to be a great year!

Jen & Lisa
Ashleigh Raine

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