Hunter's Salvation…Now Out

We’re excited to announce, Hunter’s Salvation by Shiloh Walker is Available at your favorite bookstore or online!
hunters-salvation.jpg Hunter’s Salvation by Shiloh Walker
ISBN: 0425216322
ISBN-13: 9780425216323
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In this dazzling sequel to the bestselling novel Hunting the Hunter, Shiloh Walker returns to tell the story of another unique hero at the heart of a strange new world.

Vax was once committed to his life as a Hunter, tracking down the evil beings who prey on humans, but he opted out of the game long ago. Until now–because somebody, somewhere, is in danger. And, despite his best efforts, Vax can’t ignore his calling.

Jess Warren is determined to find the maniac who killed her sister. A gifted psychic and telekinetic, she will do anything to exact her vengeance. Even if it means putting herself in peril…

Jess would rather not accept Vax’s help–especially since letting him have his way could draw her deeper into his irresistibly sensuous realm. But then he saves her life–and they discover that the depraved madman they’ve been looking for is much closer than either of them could have imagined…
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