Furry presents

This morning, not too long after I woke up, when I was still suffering from pre-coffee morning brain, I heard my son squealing (he’s only 8, he’s still allowed to squeal) from downstairs. I couldn’t tell if it was a “yay” squeal, or an “I cut off a body part” squeal, so worry-mode kicked in. But before I could get downstairs I heard the loud thumps of my son racing up the stairs. Since he was running, I assumed he wasn’t at death’s door, and I met him at the top of the stairs as he yelled, “Mommy, kitties!”

When my hubby backed out of the driveway this morning to go to work, he was met with a surprising sight in front of his car. Five little kitties, sleeping in a huddle. Hubby’s face was pale white–the first thing he said to me when I made it outside was, “I could have run over them. I had no idea they were there.” The little things were shivering in the cold, so I grabbed a box and one of my son’s old blankets and put the little ones inside to warm up. I know the momma and daddy kitties–they’re wild cats in the neighborhood we leave food out for–but we haven’t been able to capture them to take them in to get fixed. I’d thought I’d be able to leave the kittens in the box on my front porch, but as soon as I came inside, the momma kitty came up and took one of the kitties away–this time back under my car. Since I’m terrified these kittens are going to end up road kill, or coyote food, which happens all too often in my neighborhood (and is what happened to the two kittens this momma kitty had previously), I brought all five kittens into the house, where they’re currently camped out in my bathtub. I bought some catmilk at the grocery store–which all five kittens have sampled–and they seem to be doing okay. Momma kitty just glares at me when I go outside–which makes me feel a little guilty–but better Momma kitty be mad at me but her kittens safe and alive, then the alternative.

So here’s the five new members of my family. My sister’s already claimed one, and I’ll probably keep one, but I’ll be looking for homes for the other three.

Five kitties in a bathtub
Five kitties in a bathtub

Aren’t they adorable? Guess how I’ll be spending my day today? Yup, playing with kitties…