April for Ashleigh Raine

Ack! I forgot to post yesterday. Can I blame spring fever?

April’s been a great month so far for us. Why you ask? The redone, spit-shined, hot, happy and yummy Forsaken Talisman was released a week ago from Samhain Publishing.

Between all the contests and chats and other release-day stuff we’ve been doing, Lisa and I have been making progress on what we hope will be our next release, which is a novella based in the Talisman Bay world. I can’t really say too much more about it than that, other than we’re in love with the heroes and wish we could be the heroine.

Keep an eye on Ashleighraine.com this week. We’ll be posting a new contest, and we’re going to begin posting quite a few deleted scenes from Forsaken Talisman. We’d also love to start chatting with readers more, so make sure to come on by and post comments on our blog. If there’s anything you’re dying to know, any questions you want to ask, we want to hear from you!