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So it’s here.  Hope and Remy’s story.  I like this book.  I don’t say that about many of my books, so either people like it a lot, or it’s going to tank.

(Please, God, I worked really, really hard on this trilogy…I’d like to see it not tank.  Love, me)

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And one more scene from IF YOU SEE HER

“You’ve got this way of looking at me that makes my heart about stop.”

“Is that good thing or bad thing?”

“I’m still trying to figure out it out.” She popped a bite into her mouth.

Remy gritted his teeth and had to spend the next thirty seconds with gritted teeth as he waited for her to chew that bite and swallow.  “What do you mean, you’re still trying to figure it out?”

She shrugged and reached for her tea.  “Just that.  I’m still trying to figure it out.  But I think it was an altogether bad thing, I wouldn’t have come in here and I wouldn’t be sitting here, either.”  She took a drink from her tea and then, still staring into the glass, she said, “You make me nervous.  I’m used to being nervous, but not like this.”

Nervous…hell.  He could understand that.  He opened his mouth, then closed it, entirely too uncertain with what he wanted to say, what he needed to say, what he thought she might want to hear and what might scare her to death. He reached for his sandwich, although he was no longer at all hungry.  “Would it make you feel any better if I told you that you make me pretty nervous, too?”

Hope snorted.  “I don’t want lines, Remy.”

“That’s good, because I don’t waste my breath on them.”  He took a bite of his sandwich and washed it down before it turned to sawdust in his throat.   “I tend avoid complications and you’ve got complication written all over you.”

“Gee, thanks.”

He grinned.  “And here I sit, trying to figure out the best way to convince you to go to the drive-in with me this weekend.”

“The drive-in?” A wide smile lit her face—one that damned near transformed it.  She went from being pretty to…breath-taking.

She literally stole his breath, sucked it right of him. He felt like he’d been sucker-punched as she leaned forward, smiling at him.   Her eyes, when they didn’t have all those sad, somber shadows, almost danced, he thought.

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