FRAGILE…releases in mass market

If you haven’t read it and you like romantic suspense or contemporary, maybe you can give it a look. I’d appreciate it.  If this one does well, then the follow-up BROKEN will likely be released in mass market, too.

If you liked the ASH books or my FBI psychic books, this one might be right up your alley. Here… snippet!

Under his mouth, her lips were soft and full and her taste was sweet, damn near addictive. On some level, Luke did understand addiction.

He was an adrenaline junkie and that was every bit as addictive as a drug.  ButDevon?  Man, the taste of her could easily beat that.  Screw skydiving.  Just kissing Devon Manning got his blood pumping like nothing he’d ever felt before. Cupping her chin in his hand, he angled her head to the side and deepened the kiss.

He waited for her to pull away.  The hesitation, the caution he’d expected was there but she didn’t pull away.  Luke ached to pull her closer against him, to deepen the contact.  Through their clothes, he could feel the heat of her body and he already knew how silken soft her skin was.  He needed to feel more.

Ached to feel more.

Her body all but vibrated against his, with heat, with hunger–and hesitation.  Luke would be damned if he caused her a second’s fear so instead of pushing for more, instead of sliding his hands under her shirt, instead of letting them roam over the denim covered curves of her hips and butt, he touched only her chin and jaw, his fingers spread wide and holding her still for his kiss.  His other hand, he kept clenched in a fist at his side.

Devonswayed closer.  Luke felt the last of his control slipping away and he either had to take more–or stop.  Luke went with stopping, slowly pulling away so he could stare at her.  “There’s something here,Devon.  You can’t tell me you don’t feel it.”

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