NDcent Seductions

Winning her heart may require sneaking a dink past her defenses.

All readers like a good seduction regardless of what we’re reading. As writers it’s the seduction of words and the stories in our heads and hearts that push us. The characters become real people we often view as family members, and we want to share them with the world.

In the quest of sharing our families with as many people as possible, some of us writers have created street teams or launch teams. Teams that in a way become a different kind of family. These teams are made up of readers who love reading romance and are eager to share their loves with as many people as possible via social media, blogs or personal connections.


One such team is the NDcent Dames, a group of readers who help spread the word about my stories. The Dames are looking to grow, and the first book that would be available for an early review is SEDUCED IN SAND, the 5th installment in my Tulle and Tulips series.

If you would like to be part of this launch team and be seduced by NDcent ARCs and other goodies, check out the NDcent Dames details now!