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Signing at TURN THE PAGE

Signing in Boonesboro, Maryland


I’ll be at Turn the Page in Boonesboro, Maryland on Friday April 19th from 11:30 – 2, along with:

Mary Burton/Mary Ellen TaylorDarynda JonesDorien KellyJane PorterSarah WendellGrace BurrowesSally MacKenzieAlethea KontisAllison Leotta,  Hope Ramsay,Nora Roberts/J.D. RobbChristine TrentWilla BlairRebecca YorkP. J. O’Dwyer.

If you can attend, that would be awesome.  Make sure you check out the signing etiquette… this is the store owned by Nora Roberts’ husband and they have some seriously awesome signings.

If you aren’t in the area but would like to order one of my books, this is a great time.  This is a wonderful option for my international readers.

TTP can do online orders via their store and they can also order quite a few of my backlist books, if you give enough notice.  Basically, they need to know now.  Books take about a week to get in and the signing is at the end of next week.  I’ll sign the books while I’m there and they’ll ship them out to you.

The books they’ll have at the event are Wrecked and The Reunited and probably a few of my more popular titles.  If you want one of my older ones, just contact them and see if they can get it.

You can call the store at (301) 432-4588, email them at info@ttpbooks.com  or use their contact form.  But if you want one of my older titles, make sure you contact them ASAP.  They need enough time to get the orders in!