New Release and a contest…

onenightwithyou_msr1.jpgI have TWO releases due out in May, Always Yours from Samhain and One Night with You from Ellora’s Cave.  And *GASP* not a vampire or were in the bunch.

One Night With You is straight contemporary.

Logan knew from the first time he saw Bo Martin that she was the one for him. They were just teenagers then, but he knew. He spent years quietly waiting for her to grow up and when he finally made his move, he moved too fast and scared Bo away. She stayed away for four years but circumstances outside his control kept him from going to her when she finally returned.

Now it’s too late. Bo’s engaged to one of Logan’s best friends. But he’ll be damned if he lets that wedding happen. All he needs is a little bit of luck, and one night to convince Bo that she belongs with him.

This releases from Ellora’s Cave on May 9th.And Always Yours…releasing from Samhain on May 1~a romantic suspense with a paranormal bent.alwaysyours72lg.jpg 

 When a traitor left Army Ranger Dylan Kline paralyzed for months, he figured life was just about over. Once more, he’s nobody again. Then a woman from his past comes back into his life and shows him a new purpose. Of course, if he had listened to her months earlier, he may not have been injured in the first place.
The dreams had plagued Kirsten Everess for most of her life. But she was always too late—they never came in time for her to stop anything. Until the dream about Dylan. Too bad he didn’t listen to her.

Now for the contest…one ebook from my backlist, EBOOK FORMAT ONLY, just tell me which genre you prefer and why down in the comments section….I’ll draw a winner sometime here in the next week and the winner gets to pick an ebook from my backlist.

only ONE entry per IP…

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  1. I love paranormal romances. The mystery and power behind characters such as vamps and weres is extremely sexy. I can’t get enough of it.

  2. Paranormal romance because there is simply more scope in world building, creatures and characters.

  3. I love paranormals. I am constantly amazed at the creativity and imagination that different authors bring to the genre. Those sexy vampires leave me drooling and I love the weres. There’s just something about the alpha were’s dominance that lights a flame in me…..sorry that’s my inner hussy coming out….:)


  4. Don’t ask me to choose. I love stories with a paranormal aspect because of the worldbuilding and surprise twists and turns but other days, I’m just in the mood for a straight contemporary where you focus just on two people meant for each other falling in love without a complicated plot.

  5. My favorite is contemporary. I have not been able to fully embrace paranormals because they are too far from reality for me. As my DH would say, I need “simple” books for my “simple” mind. LOL

  6. I love contemporaries because I find it easier to fall into the story, find myself in the character, or put myself in the characters place. More often than not I will pick up a contemporary over a paranormal.

    That is not to say that I don’t like paranormal genre, becuase I do, but I just find it harder to fall into the stories and completely connect with the characters or their situations.

  7. My favorite genre is romantic suspense. I also love to read paranormals, contemps, fantasy, and sci/fi.

  8. I love historicals but now I’m starting to get into more paranormals. I love the way they’re able to take you outside of the “normal” world.

  9. I enjoy most all genres. I can get into most any kind of situation. My favorites are based around romantic situations, be it paranormal, contemporary, comedy, sci-fi, thrillers, mysteries and historicals.

  10. I love paranormals because they can be anything and do anything the author and reader can imagine. They are fantastic.

  11. I am a big fan of paranormals as well as Fantasy. They are a great escape for me. There are so many things you can do with the characters, so many creative opportunities.The paranormal is just such a fun and exciting genre.

  12. I’m a HUGE contemporary fan. Why? Because I like the realism of the story and the fantasy it brings when things in real life aren’t going so well. I enjoy being able to relate to a character and even, at times, putting myself in their shoes to get away from it all.

  13. My preference leans toward contemporaries, especially romantic suspense, not sure I can explain why – I think I relate more to something written in “my world” – something that I believe could actually happen. I do read some paranormals, but absolutely no sci-fi for me, please.

  14. A favourite genre? Well I suppose I could say romance and leave it at that, but given the variety of sub genres there are now, I like to be more specific and say Paranormal Romance is my absolute favourite (closely followed by the futuristic and timetravel variety LOL).

  15. It is so difficult to choose just one because I will read ANYTHING, even the backs of cans and cereal boxes, etc. when desperate.!!

    But I would have to say historicals have been my favorite genre for about 40 years — of course, I like suspense, mystery, time travel, paranormal, true crime, — oh HECK, just anything that has a premise that grabs my interest.!!!!

  16. I’m a paranormal lover. There’s just no limit to where these stories can go. Erotics come in second for me.

  17. I like both contemporaries & paranormals.

    I want contemporaries when I’m in the mood for just a romance & maybe light suspense.

    I want the paranormals when I’m in the mood to escape reality!

  18. My favorite genre is paranormal, be it ghosts, vampires, were’s or demons. To me, it makes the book all that more interesting.

  19. My favorite genre is paranormal. I love all the vampires, weres, and shapeshifters. I am just really happy that there are so many books written in this genre now – when I was growing up there were so few to choose from and those were more horror than romantic. I think paranormals are great escapist reads. You can really get absorbed in the story and forget about reality. 🙂

  20. I normally read contemporary especially romantic suspense. Although I’ve added paranormal to the mix of books I read. It is easier to fit in with contemporary although I do love the fantasy element in paranormal. What I do want in a book is a good story and I love that HEA.

  21. How can I choose one genre over another? Contemporaries are what I read first – loved them because most of the situations are “just now” and better than reality. Then I started reading paranormals and, on the most part, each author introduces us to a different aspect of the same element, i.e. in one a werewolf might only change during a full moon, in another, a werewolf might change on demand. Then a couple of people recommended some historicals which I traditionally have not liked, and they became interesting because usually the hero came to realize just how much females are worth! And now I’ve started reading some sci-fi and those heroines give a whole new meaning to “kick-butt heroines”.

    So, I don’t have a favorite genre, just give me a HEA or at least the promise of one and I’ll happily read it all!

  22. Hi Shiloh,

    Big Congrats on the new releases this month!

    My favorite genre is fantasy & paranormal. I enjoy visiting a world that is so different from reality – yet not that different at the same time. I think it would be so exciting if some of these creatures & beings really existed & if there really was magic in the world. I’m a big time dreamer.

    I also really, really enjoy historicals because I’m a big-time history geek. I love learning & reading about past time periods.


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