Hunters Eli and Sarel…reissue

2011 Revision

The Hunters Book 2

Three centuries is a long time to spend alone…but Elijah Crawford is used to it. He’s got his friends, he’s got thugs to kill, and a mild obsession with an on-and-off again lover to keep him occupied.

But then a woman appears in his dark world, one who just might bring some light to those endless nights. Just one look makes him hunger. Just one glimpse makes him burn.

There’s just one complication. She wants him dead.

Sarel Chandler knows all about vampires and she knows all about monsters–or so she thinks. The monster she knows as Elijah Crawford is responsible for the death of her sister and she’s going to see that he pays for it.

There’s just one complication…she’s completely wrong…and she’s about to pay for it in so many ways.

Warning: This book contains a pissed-off witch, a sexy Master vampire, some serious ménage action and lots of one-on-one time…of the up-close-and-personal variety. And I do mean lots…


Eli’s eyes closed. God, he hurt. The blood in his veins pumped sluggishly and it seemed to be filled with acid, burning him from the inside out. “Tori…?” He could smell her, that subtle scent of peaches, sex, woman, and vampire.

“She’s down the hall. We can’t get her to feed, Eli,” Kelsey said, her eyes closing. She had to. She had never been much of a liar, and if he looked dead at her, he’d see the lie. Right now, he was probably too weak to scent it, but he might still see it. “Declan’s tried and she won’t respond to him. I don’t know how to reach her.”

Desperate energy suddenly flooded him as the rage broke open inside. He rolled, pinning the woman beside him, staring down in her slanted green and gold eyes. He was so fucking tired, and it wasn’t such a chore to let it all be over, after three centuries of walking alone. He would never have Tori and there was no other woman.

But he could not let them die. Tori and Declan meant more to him than his own soul. The bitch in his bed could save him, and then he could save Tori and Declan. Then he could go right on being lonely, but what else the fuck was new?

“You owe me blood, darling,” he purred with menace, his muscles trembling with the effort it took to move and hold her, even though she didn’t resist him at all.

Those rather amazing eyes closed and she turned her head. Baring her neck. And then she said quietly, “I know.”

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I don’t know if/when this book will be released back into print. Details will be posted to the site when/if that changes.