RAW 2008

Announcing the 2008 Lora Leigh Reader Appreciation Weekend!


Your Registration at Raw 2008 includes meals at the Friday night Slumber Party, the Saturday Pig Roast and Masquerade Dance, as well as the Satisfying Saturday Brunch and Sunday Fun Farewell Brunch.

A good time will be had by all at the Masquerade Party on Saturday night. Wear a mask, a full costume, or come as you are, it’s up to you.

Make your reservations to attend RAW 2008!
Friday September 19th to Sunday September 21st.

Join authors

Jules Bennett ♦Kate Douglas ♦ Nalini Singh ♦ Jasmine Haynes
Shayla Black  ♦ Lora Leigh  ♦ Kay Stockham ♦ Angela Knight
Veronica Chadwick  ♦  Lorie O’Clare ♦ Shiloh Walker  ♦ Delilah Devlin
Dianne Castell  ♦ Jacquelyn Frank ♦ J.R. Ward ♦ Bianca D’Arc
Sylvia Day ♦ Lucy Monroe  ♦ Mary Wine

More authors to be announced.

The venue for the event has changed and it will now be in Huntington, WV.

Registration is limited.

Heat of the Night

Heat of the NightHEAT OF THE NIGHT
Dream Guardians®, Book 2
HarperCollins Avon
ISBN-10: 0061231037
ISBN-13: 978-0061231032
January 8th!

Bad boys are her weakness and no one is as wicked as Connor Bruce…

He is the realization of every woman’s erotic fantasies. Existing in the Twilight between sleep and consciousness, Connor brings them decadent pleasures, fueled by their sexual energy. But violence and strife now tear apart both worlds, and Connor must embark on a perilous quest into the mortal realm … and into the arms of one intoxicating enchantress.

Stacey Daniels has always been attracted to the wrong type of men – and the muscular, Viking-like champion on her front doorstep is no exception. She can hardly believe the wounded warrior is from another world, a world where erotic dreams are needed to survive, a world of terrible danger that has followed him to her home. Connor finds solace in her passion, but only time will tell if he can defeat the dark foe who hunts them … and if Stacey can surrender to the promise he offers with every electrifying touch.

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Lover's Talisman is now available!

Lover's Talisman by Ashleigh RaineBack in 2003, Lisa and I were thrilled when Lover’s Talisman first came out. We love this series–it’s what got us into this crazy world of writing. When we had the chance to revise the books–and to continue the Talisman Bay series with our new, fan-damn-tastic publisher, Samhain–we were ecstatic.

Any writer will tell you that with every book, you learn something new, discover something about yourself that you use in future books. We loved getting a second chance to work on this book, to spend time with these characters who we love and adore. We are so damn proud of this story now–and we hope the readers enjoy spending time in Talisman Bay as much as we do.

Fall in love with the Shadow Walkers–like we have–and check out Lover’s Talisman.

Welcome to Talisman Bay, where all hell breaks loose on a daily basis, especially when you fall in love.

Book one in the Talisman Bay series.

For twelve years Stephan Rashleigh has lived in the shadows, patrolling the city streets as leader of the Talisman Bay Shadow Walkers. The danger of his world leaves no room for a woman in his life. Until now. It should have been easy–rescue Mariah, then let her go. Except once she’s in his arms, he can’t walk away. Vibrant, breathing life into him, she makes him feel again.

Mariah DeSilva isn’t interested in falling in love, even with the gorgeous hero who rescued her from a brutal attack. When her best friend is kidnapped, she turns to the only man she can trust to help. The more time she spends with Stephan, the less she can hide her growing feelings for him. There’s so much more between them than an explosive romp between the sheets, against the wall and everywhere in between.

As they search for Mariah’s missing friend, a sinister evil is revealed, someone who’s been watching, waiting for Stephan to reveal his greatest vulnerability–falling in love. This enemy will stop at nothing to wipe out the Shadow Walkers and claim Mariah for his own.

Warning, this title contains the following: Bondage and knife play (don’t worry, no one gets hurt). A fantasy ménage scene—two brothers loving one woman, yay! Magical orgasms. Pleasure sparks. Lots of demon killing, lots of cursing while killing demons, and even more sex (without the demons).

EXCERPT: Mariah Meets Stephan
EXCERPT: First Kiss


Driven to Distraction by Ashleigh Raine in paperback!

Driven To Distraction by Ashleigh Raine

As I was trolling Amazon.com, I discovered that Driven to Distraction is now available for preorder! I think this is the first time any of our books have been available for preorder, especially seven months in advance. It’s such a wicked, cool feeling.  Lisa and I are both doing the happy dance, which requires lots of strange gyrations I’m sure no one wants to see since neither of us have much rhythm.

So, mark your calendars. Driven to Distraction is coming out in paperback in June 2008. Normal retail price is $14.50, but it’s available for preorder on Amazon at a 20% discount, for $11.60. I love a sale. 😉  So whatcha waiting for? Preorder now, and in seven months, Blaina and Jay will make their way to your doorstep. We hope you enjoy the ride!

A Passion for Him

A Passion for HimA PASSION FOR HIM
by Sylvia Day

Kensington Brava
ISBN: 0-7582-1761-7
ISBN-13: 978-0758217615
trade paperback

Miss Amelia Benbridge is ready to leave behind a past filled with heartbreak for a sensible marriage. Until temptation itself comes calling, with an invitation to seduction…


Amelia Benbridge and the Earl of Ware are the most anticipated match of the Season. Lord Ware is handsome, wealthy, and kind, and he understands that her love will always belong to her childhood sweetheart, Colin. When Colin died, Amelia believed she would never feel such passion again. But her primal reaction to the brooding stranger who approaches her at a masquerade, coaxing her into a moonlit minuet and a single, sensual kiss, proves otherwise…

Colin Mitchell knew a pairing between a peer’s daughter and a gypsy stable boy was impossible. Amelia’s mistaken belief in his demise afforded him the opportunity to return to her as a man of means. But time has slipped through his fingers. She is preparing to wed another and danger prevents him from revealing the truth. Colin can only bid her a secret farewell, but he underestimates her determination to unmask her phantom admirer. A forbidden kiss leads to her ardent pursuit and a soul-scorching affair. Amelia is perfectly attuned to his every desire, every thought–and hungry for stability he can’t offer her. For deception lies at the heart of their love, waiting to drive them apart once again…

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ANTICIPATION is now available!

What if the “one who got away”…didn’t?

Deidre Nelson has never forgotten the man who stole her heart so effectively a decade ago. When circumstances bring her back to Ventura, Texas to look after her parents’ B&B, she prepares to face Jonas Mendez, the sexy wrangler-turned sheriff, with growing anticipation.

Deidre’s engaging smile and seductive gaze has haunted Jonas for ten years. Butl ife’s cruel ironies pepper his past, leaving him guarded and wary. He vows to keep his interaction with Deidre strictly professional while she’s in Ventura.

But when vandalism at the B&B turns life-threatening, Jonas finds himself intimately involved with the one woman he has always wanted butnever touched.

As a decade of built-up anticipation becomes reality, suddenly the line between protector and possessor begins to blur.

Here’s the buy link for Anticipation!

I hope you enjoy Jonas and Deidre’s story!

Happy Reading!


Always Yours~ Now in Print



One man, one woman, one bizarre dream which would change both of their lives forever. When a traitor leaves Army Ranger Dylan Kline paralyzed for months, he figures life is just about over. Once more, he’s nobody. Then a woman from his past comes back into his life and shows him a new purpose. Of course, if he had listened to her months earlier, he may not have been injured in the first place.


Dreams have plagued Kirsten Everess for most of her life. But she was always too late-they never came in time for her to stop anything. Until the dream about Dylan. Too bad he didn’t listen to her.


Now the couple has another chance at love, but danger is near. Will Dylan listen to Kirsten’s warnings this time?


Available in print for the first time.  Is also available as an ebook.

Click here to read an excerpt.


Driven to Distraction has released!

Now available!
Driven to Distraction
A Hollywood Heat novel
By Ashleigh Raine

Driven to Distraction cover

Retail price: $5.50

Dodging explosions, crashing cars, jumping off rooftops…and falling in love.

Up-and-coming stuntwoman Blaina Triton stops to help a sexy stranded stranger on the side of the road. Passion ignites hotter than the asphalt beneath their feet and they go back to his place for an anonymous carnal romp. Days later, she arrives on the set of her next feature film only to discover that the man she played out wanton erotic fantasies with is also her boss, Jay Williams. She thinks this job just got a whole lot better, until Jay makes it clear he never mixes business with pleasure.

Jay knows firsthand how distraction can be fatal, but around Blaina, his full, lust-ridden attention strays to her rather than staying on the job. In an effort to regain control, he offers an ultimatum—off set, their relationship is no-naughty-holds-barred, but on set, when they touch, it has to be strictly professional.

Soon their clandestine rendezvous ignite as hot as the movie’s onscreen explosions. As an unstoppable stunt team, they are flawless, until the strain of their secret relationship begins to tear them apart. Jay has to make a decision. Walk away from the woman he loves, or allow himself to be driven to distraction…

Warning, this title contains the following: Jay and Blaina are imaginative in their proclivities. There’s lots of sex in, on and around cars. Sex in public places, sex in a hotel room, masturbation, exhibitionism, oral sex, anal sex, spanking, minor bondage of the tie-me-up-and-have-your-wicked-way-with-me kind and sex with a foreign object.

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Magic and Mayhem

Magic and MayhemMAGIC AND MAYHEM
Avon Red
ISBN-13: 9780061473975
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An innovative ebook featuring two intertwined stories:

Magic by Cathryn Fox

When good witch Brianna James writes a sexy, forbidden love spell on her thirty first birthday, on the thirty first day of October during a full moon and conjures up one roguish, bad boy warlock, she has no idea that by using her magic, she’ll experience a passion so deep and so intense it would forever turn her good girl days into bad girl nights.

But…when that spell lands in the wrong hands…be prepared for a little Mayhem…

Mayhem by Sylvia Day

When Abigail Garvey steps into Conjure, the local magic shop, all she’s looking for are a few props to round out her fortune teller Halloween costume. Abby isn’t looking for a love spell that turns her drop-dead gorgeous, but long-oblivious neighbor into an aggressive alpha sex machine. Sure his single-minded pursuit (and follow-through!) is the stuff her wickedest fantasies are made of, but how much of it is the real deal? And how much of it is just a little magical mayhem…?

Two couples. One mischievous spell. All out passion.

Falling in love has never been more fun.

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